Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama
Grand Jurisdiction of Alabama

Order of the Purple Cross

The Order of the Purple Cross of York, the highest honor of the College, is conferred upon those members of the College who have distinguished themselves by their service to humanity or to the Rite, The recipients are designated Associate Regents of the Sovereign College, and from their ranks are chosen the Regents or active members of that body.

The following is a compiled list of All Alabama College members that currently hold the distinction of having been awarded OPC:

James. C. McGeeAlabama #51
Glenn Welborne
Scott WadsworthEmrys W. John #179
Thomas BassettEmrys W. John #179
Kelly McMichaelAshmole College #108
Thomas NesbitAshmole College #108
Jerry FulfordAlabama #51
Bruce GarrisonAlabama #51
Brent HallerAlabama #51
Thomas LottAlabama #51
Robert MayerAlabama #51
Wayne SirmonAlabama #51
Joe TomberlinAlabama #51
Pat WetzelEmrys W. John #179
Ed WhiteAlabama #51
Harold WorthingtonAlabama #51

Alabama has one Regent of the YRSCNA. The Regent is a national recognition where the Governor General can recognize an Associate Regent as a Regent. This is a very rare honor within the York Rite College. Companion Knight Emory J. Ferguson we made a Regent of the YRSCNA in 1992.